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An online platform for digital creatives to build and deploy digital and physical experiences.

The Invent Platform

Invent is built for digital agencies and professional makers who want to deploy highly creative digital + physical experiences on a supported and scalable online platform.

Our hands-on support, scalable global network, API and SDKs are designed to take you quickly from concept to production.


With Invent, an experiential environment is typically a live exhibit where both physical and online visitors can interact with each other and/or machines in real-time.

Invent provides live and on-demand streaming, machine APIs (IoT), AND real-time communication (WebRTC) all in one elegant online platform.


Our online service gives you and your users instant interactive control of your physical devices. Simply flash your micro-controller with our secure bridge and use our friendly UI and restful API to deploy the most engaging new physical experiences.


Live and on-demand video are an essential part of any experiential campaign and it is critical you have full control over your workflows from publishing to delivery. Our service provides the essentials along with support for low-latency, and routines for post rendering and advanced delivery.

Real-time Communications

Essential for real-time interactivity whether a chat-room, multi-player came, or "no latency" video. We make it a cinch to manage your live users and take advantage of technologies such as WebRTC and Web Sockets to connect your audience.


Live Entertainment

PROJECT: Nogpong
AGENCY: Saatchi&Saatchi LA
CLIENT: Saatchi&Saatchi LA

This is one of those famous early experiential marketing events that started a revolution in the digital creative space.
The idea here was like a “beer pong” game and allowed users to queue up online and take turns trying to launch a ping pong ball in a cup.
For every successful shot, the Saatchi team would drink egg nog as well as make a donation to local charities. The campaign went on for 3 days, raised thousands of dollars for charity and left many nog-drunk.
This combined live entertainment, 1-to-many large scale streaming, user queuing system, low latency 1-1 streaming and remote user control over the ping pong ball launcher’s pitch and speed.

Social Media Machines

PROJECT: #SocialImprint
AGENCY: McGarryBowen
CLIENT: Verizon

This was a ground-breaking, award winning experiential campaign which used live social media data to create unique fabric designs for high-end fashion.
Viewers were encouraged to tweet the Twitter handles of their favorite artists who were performing at the show and the special hashtag for the event #SocialImprint. These tweets were then aggregated in real-time and put through an algorithm to generate continuous rows of various patterns throughout the event. These patterns were printed on actual fabric in real-time which were later used by designer Christian Siriano to turn it into a series of dresses featured in a NY fashion show.

Interactive Spaces

PROJECT: Google Chrome Web Lab
AGENCY: Tellart
CLIENT: Google

This project was a year-long interactive installation at the London Museum of science which allowed the museum visitors and the online users from any parts of the world to play a set of instruments together in sync in real-time with the “Universal Orchestra”.
A live stream from the museum showed exactly how the instruments were played by both the physical and virtual players. In addition to the live instruments, the showcase featured live 360 video feeds from different famous locations around the world and allowed both local and remote visitors to “teleport” to these places for an immersive live experience.


Invent Platform is a product of Influxis and Automata Studios, two veterans in experiential design and deployment.

In 2014, after years of involvement in the design and deployment of experiential projects for some of the world's biggest brands and agencies, Influxis and Automata saw the need for an online platform to cover the recurring requirements for Experiential projects. The companies came together with a goal to make it quicker and easier than ever for designers and developers to build and deploy custom branded experiences.

The platform is currently in its baseline form. We will be obsessively adding many more guides, tutorials, SDK's and turnkey examples.



FREE per month

  • 500 mb Streaming Bandwidth
  • 250 mb Storage
  • 3 IoT Device Pins
  • Forums Support
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$99 per month

  • 100 GB Streaming Bandwidth
  • 10 GB storage
  • 20 IoT Device Pins
  • Forums, Email and Phone support
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee


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If you are an educator and interested in implementing Invent into your curriculum we would love to work with you, please do drop us a line! Email us at info@inventplatform.com or call us at 310-850-0340.

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